Thank you for your interest in making a submission. We are open for reviews and essays submission. We prefer reviews for mainstream literature Nigerian books. Essays can be on a wide-range of topics peculiar with the Nigerian (or African) art and literature sphere.

Kindly read our “about page” and Policy on Book Reviews below to understand what kind of writing we are looking for.

For reviews, use the subject “Review Submission,” and write with an attachment (in doc. format) of the review. Add a cover letter.

For essays, use the subject “Essay Submission,” and, please, send only a not-more-than 200-word abstract to the email given above for consideration. If your submission is nonfiction, use the subject “Nonfiction Submission,” include a cover letter in the body of the email and attach nonfiction as doc.

Sadly, we currently cannot pay contributors. But we are earnest we will start paying soon.

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Policy on Book Reviews

We mostly entertain positive reviews.

We outline the following as the primary work in writing reviews:

  1. Literary writing promoting art.
  2. A corpus of literary criticism.
  3. The archival and preservation of art.

To do so, we choose to celebrate art, appraising, rather than “criticise” (in its cruel connotation). We adopt Maria Popova’s proposition on criticism as celebration of good writing. Rather than write negative reviews of bad writing, we will choose the good to write about, which results in critiques more contributory and edifying to the overall corpus of literary criticism.◙